How to Grow Lupins from Seed

How to Grow Lupins from Seed

Are you interested in growing lupines during the summer? If so, you might also have discerned how it is fun and challenging to growing these plants.  Many gardeners love growing  lupins because of its wide variety of colours. Nevertheless, the task of growing lupins from seeds is not easy. If you want  to have these perennials in your garden, here’s how to grow lupins straight from seed.

Choose the right planting site.  Lupin seeds can thrive in moist conditions with adequate drainage. If you plan to plant it in average soils,  keep in mind that lupine seeds need full sunlight.  These perennials also grow with long roots, thus there is a need for you to loosen the soil up from twelve to twenty inches depth.  One important reminder, lupine seeds won’t not survive in clay, but will thrive in well drained soil.

Lupin Flowers


Keep your lupin seeds in resealable plastic bag. After bagging the seed, put it inside your refrigerator for one week. What is the reason? Lupins grow much better if they are subjected to cold conditions.  It’s a big mistake to expose the seeds to warm conditions prior to planting them out in the garden.

Remove the coating from the seeds. You can use a nail file to scratch the coatings. After removing the coating,  the next thing that you have to do is to soak the seeds in warm water for 3 hours minimum or even overnight.  Just like what you do with other seeds for your garden, those that sink are now ready for gardening. What will you do to seeds that float?  Scratch the coatings again until such time   that they sink to the bottom.

Cultivate the soil. For a rule of a thumb,  the depth should be twelve to twenty inches. You can use a shovel to dig the soil. To grow lupin seeds, you should ideally have quite dry, sandy soil. These short lived perennial do not thrive in heavy and damp conditions.   In order to prevent the plants from withering during drought, you should break the topsoil using the rake smooth and shovel.  This is to provide additional support to the taproot of the plants.

Place the seeds on to the top of the soil. You should be careful when it comes to spacing. It is advisable to have space the seeds with twelve inches apart. After lying the seeds to the soil, cover them with soil. Sprinkle water on the area. If you want to get the most out of your lupine seeds, you have to responsible in maintaining the moist of the soil. Nitrogen also helps in the growth of the plants. Yu can use manure as fertilizers. This   will help in the germination process. You have to wait for fifteen to seventy five days before the lupin will sprout.

Growing lupines is indeed a fun and fulfilling experience for gardeners especially if it is done properly. Though these plants are short lived perennials, watching them sprout to your garden is a beautiful experience. In this way, you have to make sure that the time and effort you exert to grow lupins is not worthless in the end.

Lupin Growing Tips

  • Only harvest seeds from established plants as they diminish, not at their height of bloom.
  • Keep your soil well drained.
  • Don’t worry too much about your soil. Lupins create their own nitrogen underground.
  • Be careful not to water excessively.
  • Divide up plants in spring time, NEVER autumn.
  • Start seeds in the greenhouse in loamy compost before potting up once leaves form.
lupin plants in flower

Stunning Lupins

Swallow Kingfisher Greenhouse

Swallow Kingfisher Greenhouse

The Swallow Kingfisher Greenhouse is the ultimate 6ft wide wooden greenhouse. It’s constructed from tanalised redwood pine timber to the highest standards we’ve ever seen in a wooden greenhouse product. These greenhouses are made in the UK by skilled individuals with a passion for producing quality products.

swallow kingfisher greenhouse 6x10

Swallow Kingfisher 6ft x 10ft Greenhouse

The Kingfisher boasts some superb standard features such as Redwood Pine tanalised timber, an inward opening door with a proper mortise lock and a full length of slatted staging down one side of the greenhouse. When looking around this greenhouse you are instantly struck by it’s completeness. Aluminium greenhouses are great, and they require little or no maintenance, but they do have a feeling of being a kit. These wooden greenhouses don’t feel like that at all, they feel solid and complete as they are built to include everything a keen greenhouse gardener could ever need. Once you walk inside through the door with it’s solid mortise lock, straight away there is a full length of timber slatted staging on the left hand side, with a smaller eye level shelf for more handy storage space. The roof vents are fitted with Bayliss XL automatic roof vents to open them once the greenhouse becomes too humid so that you don’t even need to be there to keep your plants properly ventilated.

The Kingfisher is glazed with British Standard Toughened Safety Glass for safety and superb wind resistance and sealed in place all round with clear silicone sealant. The standard finish of the Kingfisher is plain tanalised timber which is already perfectly weatherproof and pleasing on the eye, however Swallow offer the greenhouse in a number of different paint finishes. The greenhouse is available in 2 different greens, a brown and in a stunning white colour. Along with colour choices the Swallow Kingfisher is available in a wide range of sizes from 6×4 all the way up to 6×20 for those of us with larger gardens.

Swallow wooden greenhouses are unique also in that when you buy one, the delivery and installation is included in the price, taking away any worry about erecting the greenhouse yourself. Swallow Kingfisher Greenhouses are available from Greenhouse Stores here: Swallow Kingfisher Greenhouses at Greenhouse Stores

Swallow Falcon Greenhouse

This is the mighty Swallow Falcon Greenhouse from Swallow GB in the north of England. Swallow make the finest timber greenhouses available today from high grade tanalized redwood pine. The Falcon is a large 13ft wide greenhouse that’s great for those of us with a larger garden and ideal for semi commercial use.

Swallow Swan 13ft x 25ft Wooden Greenhouse

swallow falcon greenhouse

Swallow Falcon Standard Features:

The Falcon like all Swallow timber greenhouses is packed with standard features that you simply won’t find on other wooden greenhouses.

  • Tanalized Redwood Pine Construction
  • Glazing bars 58mm x 32mm
  • 12mm Tongue and Grooved Boards with stainless steel nails
  • Inward Opening Double Doors with stainless steel handle and mortise lock
  • Toughened Safety Glass
  • Automatic Roof Vent Openers to all roof vents
  • All glazing slides into grooves and secured and sealed with high grade silicone
  • Full length of slatted staging to one side
  • 20mm Black PVC Damp Barrier at Base

Swallow Swan Greenhouse Optional Features:

High Level Shelf:

swallow high level greenhouse shelf

Swallow Staging Bench with Shelf:

wooden 2 tier staging

Black Ornate Door Handles:

Swallow black ornate door handles

Swallow Falcon 13ft Wide Wooden Greenhouse

This big greenhouse from Swallow really is the absolute business, I love it. It’s such an impressive structure to behold from outside, but standing inside the Falcon is when it hits you. It’s huge ! It comes with slatted staging all down one side but you can add a high shelf and a length of staging down the other side.
The real beauty of having a greenhouse of this width though, is the ability to grow down the middle of the greenhouse as well as both sides. It’s as simple as adding some freestanding benches like the one above or building some long tables yourself which is pretty easy.

Inside a Swallow Falcon in Spring Time

Inside a Swallow Falcon Greenhouse

The toughened glass that we find as standard on the Swallow Falcon is safe and heavy giving the greenhouse real stability in strong winds which in the UK is definitely required ! Another great standard feature on Swallow greenhouses is that every roof vent is fitted with an automatic roof vent opener to open your roof vents without you having to be anywhere near your greenhouse, which is rather handy. Swallow use the best Autovents available, the Bayliss XL autovent.

Swallow falcon greenhouse interior

Inside the Swallow Falcon 13ft wide greenhouse.

Swallow Falcon Greenhouse Sizes

The Swallow Falcon is available in the following sizes:

Swallow Swan 13ft x 12ft Greenhouse

Swallow Swan 13ft x 18ft Greenhouse

Swallow Swan 13ft x 125ft Greenhouse

Swallow Swan 13ft x 31ft Greenhouse

Swallow Swan 13ft x 37ft Greenhouse

If you are in the market for a large greenhouse and fancy a hand made wooden greenhouse that includes installation in your garden as part of the price then the Swallow Falcon Greenhouse could be the greenhouse for you !

greenhouse stores

swallow falcon wooden greenhouse

Swallow Falcon 13ft x 25ft Greenhouse

The Swallow Falcon Greenhouse is available in the UK from Swallow greenhouse specialists, Greenhouse Stores. Visit Greenhouses Stores by clicking HERE or call them on 0800 098 8877

Swallow Swan Greenhouse

Swallow Swan Greenhouse

The Swallow Swan Greenhouse is the latest T-Shaped greenhouse from Swallow GB. This is the biggest T-Shaped wooden greenhouse offered by Swallow with a gable width of 8ft 9″ as well as a grand entrance porch of the same width with inward opening double doors.

This is a real “feature greenhouse” that visitors to your garden will compliment time and time again. The Swan has all of the features of a traditional brick wall greenhouse with the added advantage of being made by hand in a very modern UK factory. Each Swallow Greenhouse is made to order, there’s no stock lying around waiting to be ordered, only greenhouses being made freshly for individual customers and their gardens. Freshly squeezed British manufacturing, lovely !

swallow swan wooden greenhouse

Swallow Swan T-Shaped Greenhouse

Note: The above photo shows a Swallow Swan Greenhouse built upon a brick “dwarf wall”. As standard the Swan is built upon a boarded base. You will be emailed a detailed wall plan once you order your new greenhouse that a good builder will use to quote you, then build you a beautiful wall !

Swallow Swan Standard Features

  • Tanalised Redwood Pine 
  • Toughened Safety Glass
  • Bayliss XL Automatic Roof Vents
  • Guttering System
  • 2 Corner Slatted Staging
  • Copper Roof Gutter Channels
  • Double Locking Doors
swallow swan staging

Swallow Swan Front returned staging in entrance porch.

Swallow offer a range of custom paint finishes for all of their greenhouses that are applied in their factory spray booth. The application of 2 to 3 coats of quality paint ensure an even and long lasting finish as well as a touch of individuality to your new greenhouse. It’s important to note however that these greenhouses don’t require painting to make them weatherproof, far from it. Because Swallow’s are built from tanalised Redwood Pine, meaning they are pressure treated they are perfectly hardy and element proof from the “get go” in any case, even for our British weather !

The best and most “on trend” paint finishes are only available exclusively from Greenhouse Stores online in the UK.

swallow swan copper roof channel

Copper Roof Drainage Channel on a Swan Greenhouse.

The Swallow Swan is available in 3 standard sizes as follows:

Swallow Swan 8ft x 13ft

Swallow Swan 8ft x 17ft

Swallow Swan 8ft x 21ft

The Swallow Swan Greenhouse for sale is delivered and installed for free throughout the UK. The full range can be seen at Greenhouse Stores, or just click the banner below:


greenhouse stores

swallow gb greenhouses

Grow Master 8×6 Greenhouse

Grow Master 8×6


Grow Master 8x6 Greenhouse Silver

Grow Master 8×6 Greenhouse


The new Grow Master 8×6 Greenhouse from Greenhouse Stores is the newest 8×6 greenhouse for gardeners and allotment holders alike. Built from an anodized aluminium frame that will always stay bright and shiny, the Grow Master Greenhouse is a little different from other 8×6 polycarbonate greenhouses in that there are no glazing W clips to be seen anywhere ! This of course is a good thing as these very clips can pop out during very windy conditions causing all sorts of problems, such as glazing panels being blown out. With the Grow Master this isn’t an issue at all as this greenhouse uses a new system where the glazing slides into channels within the actual aluminium greenhouse frame which are then sandwiched in place by aluminium slats. This is the most wind resistant polycarbonate greenhouse on the market, without a doubt and as a result very popular with allotment growers.

Grow Master Green 8x6 Greenhouse

NEW – 8×6 Green Grow Master

The Grow Master comes with a galvanized steel silver base which has optional corner posts that can be buried into soft ground and then cemented into place, ideal if you don’t have a hard surface such as slabs or concrete on which to put your greenhouse. This feature is not available with any other 8×6 polycarbonate greenhouse.

CHECK PRICES NOW – The new Grow Master 8×6 Greenhouse and Greenhouse Kits

Grow King Greenhouse base with corner posts

Grow King Greenhouse base with corner posts

Bracing throughout for STRENGTH

The Grow Master features extra bracing in the roof and corners to keep the greenhouse stable in windy conditions, essential if you live in an exposed spot.

grow master greenhouse extra roof bracing

grow master greenhouse roof bracing

A properly braced greenhouse is essential, especially in a poly glazed model. This is because polycarbonate is much lighter than glass meaning that more rigidity is needed from the frame as it isn’t coming from glass.

Grow Master Greenhouse corner bracing

Grow Master Greenhouse corner bracing

Grow Master 6×6 Greenhouse

New for 2014 is the Grow Master in 6×6, with all of the features of the original 8×6 model.

Grow Master 6x6 Greenhouse-1

Grow Master 6×6 Greenhouse

GrowMaster6x6Greenhousein Green

NEW – Green 6×6 Model

Grow Master 6×4 Greenhouse

Grow Master 6×4 in Green.

growmaster 6x4 greenhouse

Grow Master 6×4 Greenhouse

Vitavia Venus Greenhouse

Vitavia Venus Greenhouse

The Vitavia Venus Greenhouse is everything that a keen gardener could wish for in a greenhouse that “does what it says on the tin”, and more ! A greenhouse is a purchase that many gardeners can agonize over for weeks or even months, such is the choice available. However, most gardeners are looking for something solid that will last them years and years whilst being pleasing to the eye, after all you’ll have to look at it every day !

The Vitavia Venus really does fit the bill on all counts. It has a simple, solid design that will withstand the worst of our delightful British weather and looks smart and functional. The Venus is a 6ft wide greenhouse (6ft across the gable ends) that is available in silver or green.

Vitavia Venus 7500 6ft x 12ft Greenhouse

6x12 Greenhouse

Vitavia greenhouse frames, well the silver ones anyway are anodized. Anodizing is a process that leaves the frames extremely shiny and this is how they remain as anodizing stops aluminium from dulling and going a nasty grey colour over time. Of course if silver isn’t for you go for a Venus in green.

greenhouse stores

CLICK HERE to see the Vitavia Venus Greenhouse range in Silver and Green with FREE DELIVERY

Vitavia Venus 2500 6ft x 4ft Greenhouse

vitavia venus 6x4 greenhouse silver

Vitavia Venus 6×4 Greenhouse in Anodized Silver.

Vitavia Venus Greenhouse Glazing Options

The Venus is available in a choice of either Horticultural Glass, Toughened Safety Glass or Twin Wall Polycarbonate. Horticultural glass is the cheapest and most popular option generally but it’s not ideal if you’ve a young family or live in a windy spot as it’s quite delicate and if it breaks it breaks into dangerous shards. Toughened glass is probably the ideal greenhouse glazing for UK gardeners as it is heavy, thick and highly resistant to heavy wind and the weight of snow sitting on it. Polycarbonate is the default choice for gardeners with small families and educational uses as it won’t smash and certainly isn’t heavy at all making it very safe indeed.

Venus Greenhouse Sizes

The Vitavia Venus is available in the following sizes:

Models Nominal Size Length Width Eaves Height Ridge Height Vents Growing Area
Venus 2500
6′ x 4′
Venus 3800
6′ x 6′
Venus 5000
6′ x 8′
Venus 6200
6′ x 10′
Venus 7500
6′ x 12′


Take a closer look. This video is a brief walk around a Venus 8×6 in Silver, on a rather dull English day !

Vitavia Venus 5000 8ft x 6ft Greenhouse in anodized silver finish.

vitavia venus silver 8x6 greenhouse

The Vitavia Venus Greenhouse makes a superb allotment greenhouse as it’s simple yet solid design will stand up to harsh weather without any maintenance  due to the built in roof and corner bracing that keeps the greenhouse rigid in the harshest wind, rain and snow.

vitavia greenhouses

Palram Harmony Greenhouse

Palram Harmony Greenhouse

The Palram Harmony Greenhouse is quite an arrival for those of us looking for a new greenhouse this year. Specifically if you’re in the market for a polycarbonate glazed greenhouse this one is definitely worth a look for a number of reasons. The big feature of this greenhouse is the Sliding Assembly System which means we can wave goodbye to fiddly glazing clips once and for all. Easy construction and no more panels blowing out in the wind ! Fantastic……….

Palram Harmony Review Video

CHECK PRICES NOW – The NEW Palram Harmony in Silver or Green !

greenhouse stores

Palram Harmony Greenhouse

Palram Harmony Silver Greenhouse

Palram Harmony Standard Features:

  • High headroon at eaves and ridge ( 6ft 8″ Ridge)
  • Opening Hinged Door
  • Crystal Clear Polycarbonate Glazing
  • Gutter, Roof Vent and Galvanized Steel Base Included
  • 5 Year Warranty

Palram Harmony Green Greenhouse

The Harmony greenhouse is available in silver or green and in a number of practical sizes: 6×4, 6×6, 8×6 and 6×10

The great features of the Harmony are the outward opening door rather than a regular sliding door found on most greenhouses which when open is secured in the open position by a clever little magnet that sticks to the metal base, clever ! There’s also a door latch to secure the door when shut which will stop it opening in high winds, a major cause of greenhouse damage and even destruction !

Probably the best feature of all though is the way in which the glazing fits into the greenhouse. Rather than the regular method using glazing clips which can pop out, the glazing here just slides into channels within the aluminium frame. For a greenhouse of this price this is a very clever feature indeed.

Palram Harmony Greenhouse Sizes

Palram Harmony 6ft x 4ft

Palram Harmony 6ft x 6ft

Palram Harmony 6ft x 8ft

Palram Harmony 6ft x 10ft

Palram Harmony 6ft x 14ft

New Palram Harmony 6 x 14 Greenhouse

palram harmony greenhouse 6x14

NEW – The Palram Harmony 6ft x 14ft Greenhouse

greenhouse stores