New Palram Coldframes

Palram Cold Frames

We are at the time of year where we are all considering what to do with our less hardy plants given that the weather is fast becoming, well COLD !
We wouldn’t dream of spending any time in the garden without wrapping up warm so let’s think about our plants !

greenhouse stores

If you don’t have a greenhouse or conservatory or even a warm garage in which to store your plants over winter it may be time to consider a coldframe instead.
Palram have just launched 3 new Palram Cold Frames for gardeners to consider. The great thing about these coldframes is that they are raised up off the floor making access easier and putting less strain on our old backs ! Another key feature is that these coldframe models offer additional storage that you wouldn’t normally find on any other cold frame in the market. The Palram Coldframes feature either single sheet clear polycarbonate glazing or twin wall polycarbonate glazing.
I’ve pictured the coldframes below and we’ll do a more in depth review of each model over the coming weeks.

Palram Plant Inn Raised Coldframe

Palram Grow Station Mini Greenhouse

Palram Grow Deck Raised Cold Frame

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