Halls Popular Greenhouse Review

Halls Popular Greenhouse Review

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The Halls Popular greenhouse is simply a modern classic when it comes to greenhouses. If it was a car then it would be Toyota, well designed, reliable and it’ll last forever ! The Halls Popular really is an erect and forget type of greenhouse that has stood the test of time and can be found in tens of thousands of gardens all over the world doing what it does best by providing a warm and protected environment for our plants. Because the Popular is so trusted by gardeners it just becomes more and more, well, popular ! Gardening neighbors will happily stand discussing garden matters over the boundary fence and often make recommendations to each other including greenhouse recommendations it would seem as the ownership of this great greenhouse continues to grow and grow.

Halls Popular Silver Greenhouse

halls Popular greenhouse

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Why do people like this greenhouse so much ? Well talking to greenhouse gardeners will give you the answers to this question. Gardeners like the simplicity of the design which means not only is the greenhouse easy to erect in your garden it is also much less likely to go wrong or parts on the greenhouse fail. Gardeners also like the  solid steel base that Halls produce for the greenhouse frame to sit on, providing a rigid platform on which to erect your greenhouse. Halls Popular greenhouses are also available with a choice of glazing types. The standard and by far the cheapest glazing is Horticultural glass which is standard 3mm thick greenhouse glass which offers great light transmission but is quite delicate and therefore not ideal when you have children or pets running around the place. The other glass choice is that of toughened safety glass which is certainly the choice of keen gardeners as it is robust and safe. Toughened glass is 4mm thick and is much heavier than horticultural glass meaning it is not only more resistant to knocks but also very resistant to being affected by windy conditions. The biggest bonus of specifying toughened glass though is that if it does break it smashes down into little glass pebbles rather like a car windscreen which are relatively harmless when compared to the shards left by horticultural glass which makes it a safe option.

Halls Popular Green Greenhouse

Halls Popular 6 x 10 Silver horticultural greenhousestores

The last glazing option of all is that of 4mm twin wall polycarbonate which is by far the safest option and is generally recommended for use in educational environments as well as for use by the elderly and disabled people. This type of polycarbonate has other useful features though, those being excellent heat retention due to the fact that in essence the glazing is double glazed and also due to it’s slightly opaque appearance the polycarbonate also offers good protection from UV rays which can scorch your plants.

The Halls Popular is available in the following sizes:

Halls Popular 6ft x 4ft Greenhouse

Halls Popular 6x4 green greenhouse horticultural greenhousestores

Halls Popular 6ft x 6ft Greenhouse

Halls Popular 6x6 Silver greenhouse horticultural greenhousestores

Halls Popular 6ft x 8ft Greenhouse

Halls Popular Silver 8x6 Greenhouse

Halls Popular 6ft x 10ft

halls popular 6x10 greenhouse

Halls Popular Greenhouse Prices

At different times of the year there are various deals to be had on Halls Popular such as good discounts or free accessory offers. For the start of 2013 Halls are giving away a 2 Tier Staging with top tier extension with all Halls Popular greenhouses, excellent !

See all of the latest deals here at Greenhouse Stores:

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Lean to

Lean to greenhouses offer the solution to some gardener’s space saving and best utilization of space requirements. Because a lean to can be attached to a wall, shed, outbuilding or your house they offer a very practical way of making the most of the space that you have available. The advantage of a lean to of course is that they aren’t merely limited to providing just a warm and protected environment for plants and vegetables but also providing exactly the same for the gardener, you ! Nothing beats relaxing in the warmth of the greenhouse, maybe listening to the radio and enjoying a coffee whilst tending your plants.

Lean to greenhouses are available in wood and aluminium with aluminium being the more popular mainly due to price and the fact that they require little or no maintenance. Wooden lean to greenhouses however offer a very classy traditional look that blends beautifully into any garden.
Lean to greenhouses come in many sizes from 2ft wide through to 8ft wide and lengths up to and sometimes over 40ft !

The smallest lean to greenhouses are generally sized 4×2, that being 2ft out from your wall and 4ft across the doors. 4×2 lean to’s are produced by Palram, Vitavia, Elite and Halls in various colours and door types.


The next size up is the 4ft wide lean to greenhouse produced by Elite in two model configurations. The Windsor is 4ft wide and features a low ridge for positioning the greenhouse against garages or single storey bungalows where height is minimal. Elite also produce the Elite Kensington 4 which offers a higher ridge. Swallow Greenhouses are made from redwood pine and are the finest wooden lean to greenhouses available. Made by craftsmen in the UK by hand these wooden greenhouses include installation at your property as part of the price meaning a stress free process from start to finish.


6ft wide lean to greenhouses tend to be rather popular and all of the big brands produce a range of models in this size. See below the Halls Silverline lean to and a wooden Swallow Dove 6ft wide lean to.

Halls Silverline Green 6x8 Lean to Greenhousestores

8ft wide lean to’s are produced by Swallow Greenhouses in their Heron model and also by Elite with their Kensington 8 model. Here’s the massive Swallow Heron 8ft wide lean-to:


See a full range here: Lean to Greenhouses