Vitavia Neptune Greenhouse

Vitavia Neptune 8ft Wide Greenhouse

The Vitavia Neptune Greenhouse is Vitavia’s entry level 8ft wide model. The Neptune features a single sliding door, a width of 8ft 5″, a height of 7ft 7″ and start with an 8ft x 8ft model rising to 8ft x 14ft. The Neptune is available with a silver anodized finish or as a green greenhouse.
If you have the space in your garden or on your allotment you really can’t beat the extra space that an 8ft wide greenhouse gives. More space for pots, vine plants, staging and starting off seedlings as well as more room to work in, especially if your gardening efforts are a family affair ! The Neptune is very competitively priced and an 8ft x 8ft model comes in at a touch over £500 which is great value when you consider you can pay near to that price for a decent quality 6×8 greenhouse. It is advisable though to pay a little extra for a steel base plinth as they give extra strength and stability to the greenhouse as well as something solid to anchor to a hard surface. An added bonus with Vitavia greenhouse bases is that they come equipped with corner posts that you can bolt into place at each corner to sink into post holes and then concrete in place. These posts give great sturdiness to the structure and mean you can even put the greenhouse on soft ground rather than slabs or a concrete pad.

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Vitavia Neptune Standard Features:

    • Anodized Aluminium Frame (Silver) or Powder Coated Green Frame
    • Single Sliding Door
    • 2 Roof Vents
    • Galvanized Steel Bases
    • Roof Bracing for Strength
    • Corner Plates for extra bracing
    • Integral Gutters

Vitavia Neptune Greenhouse Video


Vitavia Neptune 6700 8ft x 8ft Greenhouse

vitavia neptune green greenhouse

Vitavia Neptune 8ft x 8ft Greenhouse in Green

The Vitavia Neptune comes in the following sizes:

Vitavia Neptune 6700    – 8ft x 8ft

Vitavia Neptune 8300    – 8ft x 10ft

Vitavia Neptune 9900    – 8ft x 12ft

Vitavia Neptune 11500  – 8ft x 14ft

You can specify the Neptune with either 3mm horticultural glass, 4mm toughened safety glass or 4mm twin wall polycarbonate glazing epending on what you prefer or indeed where you intend to put your new greenhouse. The Vitavia Neptune Greenhouse is a quality greenhouse with plenty of room that is ideal for your garden or allotment.

Greenhouse Wind Damage

Greenhouse Wind Damage

At this time of year there are many things for the greenhouse gardener to consider. How to keep the frost at bay, finding space for storing plants, seedlings for the new year and not least worrying about impending storm and high winds that can damage your greenhouse !
Wind damage to your greenhouse can be irritating and at worst downright devastating. Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure however and there are a number of ways we can prevent problems.
We must consider how we position the greenhouse, shelter, base and glazing.
For a full report on this click here: Greenhouse Buyers Guide

Greenhouse Storm Damage

A strong storm can quickly reduce a greenhouse to a pile of twisted metal in no time at all. For the most part, ensuring that your greenhouse is adequatley sheltered from the wind is the most important thing to consider. After all, if the wind can’t hit your greenhouse with it’s full force then it’s unlikely to be able to damage it or at worst, destroy it. Some of the best shelter for your greenhouse will be the shelter it gets from another building such as a shed or even your house. Garden fences and walls offer great protection from strong wind if your greenhouse is positioned properly. However, a simple way to offer a wind break is to plant sensibly to protect your greenhouse. Conifers, if planted close together will go on to form an extremely effective barrier from strong winds that will get better as time goes on.

Greenhouse Insurance Replacement Quote

If you are unlucky enough to have your greenhouse destroyed by strong winds, gales or a storm then it’s essential to check your insurance policy to make sure that you are covered. Most household insurance content policeies will offer limited cover for garden buildings such as greenhouses or sheds. If you are going to get your greenhouse replaced through your insurance policy then this may be a good time to think about upgrading and paying a bit extra for a heavier gauge aluminium frame, toughened glazing or even switch from aluminium to a wooden frame. A wooden greenhouse is rarely affected by the wind in the same way that an aluminium greenhouse is. This is down to the fact that they are more rigid and heavy due to their thick wooden frames. Wooden greenhouses can and do last in excess of 30+ years through decades of harsh weather and although they tend to cost slightly more, they definately have a long life.


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