Vitavia Venus Greenhouse

Vitavia Venus Greenhouse

The Vitavia Venus Greenhouse is everything that a keen gardener could wish for in a greenhouse that “does what it says on the tin”, and more ! A greenhouse is a purchase that many gardeners can agonize over for weeks or even months, such is the choice available. However, most gardeners are looking for something solid that will last them years and years whilst being pleasing to the eye, after all you’ll have to look at it every day !

The Vitavia Venus really does fit the bill on all counts. It has a simple, solid design that will withstand the worst of our delightful British weather and looks smart and functional. The Venus is a 6ft wide greenhouse (6ft across the gable ends) that is available in silver or green.

Vitavia Venus 7500 6ft x 12ft Greenhouse

6x12 Greenhouse

Vitavia greenhouse frames, well the silver ones anyway are anodized. Anodizing is a process that leaves the frames extremely shiny and this is how they remain as anodizing stops aluminium from dulling and going a nasty grey colour over time. Of course if silver isn’t for you go for a Venus in green.

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Vitavia Venus 2500 6ft x 4ft Greenhouse

vitavia venus 6x4 greenhouse silver

Vitavia Venus 6×4 Greenhouse in Anodized Silver.

Vitavia Venus Greenhouse Glazing Options

The Venus is available in a choice of either Horticultural Glass, Toughened Safety Glass or Twin Wall Polycarbonate. Horticultural glass is the cheapest and most popular option generally but it’s not ideal if you’ve a young family or live in a windy spot as it’s quite delicate and if it breaks it breaks into dangerous shards. Toughened glass is probably the ideal greenhouse glazing for UK gardeners as it is heavy, thick and highly resistant to heavy wind and the weight of snow sitting on it. Polycarbonate is the default choice for gardeners with small families and educational uses as it won’t smash and certainly isn’t heavy at all making it very safe indeed.

Venus Greenhouse Sizes

The Vitavia Venus is available in the following sizes:

Models Nominal Size Length Width Eaves Height Ridge Height Vents Growing Area
Venus 2500
6′ x 4′
Venus 3800
6′ x 6′
Venus 5000
6′ x 8′
Venus 6200
6′ x 10′
Venus 7500
6′ x 12′


Take a closer look. This video is a brief walk around a Venus 8×6 in Silver, on a rather dull English day !

Vitavia Venus 5000 8ft x 6ft Greenhouse in anodized silver finish.

vitavia venus silver 8x6 greenhouse

The Vitavia Venus Greenhouse makes a superb allotment greenhouse as it’s simple yet solid design will stand up to harsh weather without any maintenance  due to the built in roof and corner bracing that keeps the greenhouse rigid in the harshest wind, rain and snow.

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Palram Harmony Greenhouse

Palram Harmony Greenhouse

The Palram Harmony Greenhouse is quite an arrival for those of us looking for a new greenhouse this year. Specifically if you’re in the market for a polycarbonate glazed greenhouse this one is definitely worth a look for a number of reasons. The big feature of this greenhouse is the Sliding Assembly System which means we can wave goodbye to fiddly glazing clips once and for all. Easy construction and no more panels blowing out in the wind ! Fantastic……….

Palram Harmony Review Video

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Palram Harmony Greenhouse

Palram Harmony Silver Greenhouse

Palram Harmony Standard Features:

  • High headroon at eaves and ridge ( 6ft 8″ Ridge)
  • Opening Hinged Door
  • Crystal Clear Polycarbonate Glazing
  • Gutter, Roof Vent and Galvanized Steel Base Included
  • 5 Year Warranty

Palram Harmony Green Greenhouse

The Harmony greenhouse is available in silver or green and in a number of practical sizes: 6×4, 6×6, 8×6 and 6×10

The great features of the Harmony are the outward opening door rather than a regular sliding door found on most greenhouses which when open is secured in the open position by a clever little magnet that sticks to the metal base, clever ! There’s also a door latch to secure the door when shut which will stop it opening in high winds, a major cause of greenhouse damage and even destruction !

Probably the best feature of all though is the way in which the glazing fits into the greenhouse. Rather than the regular method using glazing clips which can pop out, the glazing here just slides into channels within the aluminium frame. For a greenhouse of this price this is a very clever feature indeed.

Palram Harmony Greenhouse Sizes

Palram Harmony 6ft x 4ft

Palram Harmony 6ft x 6ft

Palram Harmony 6ft x 8ft

Palram Harmony 6ft x 10ft

Palram Harmony 6ft x 14ft

New Palram Harmony 6 x 14 Greenhouse

palram harmony greenhouse 6x14

NEW – The Palram Harmony 6ft x 14ft Greenhouse

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Gardman Greenhouse

Gardman Greenhouses

Gardman Greenhouses are THE big name in entry level “cheap greenhouses” for gardeners everywhere. If value for money features highly on your list of requirements the you simply have to consider a Gardman greenhouse for your garden. There is a reason that this is one of the UK’s best selling greenhouses and that is that this greenhouse “does what it says on the tin” ! In other words for the money, the specification that you get will far exceed most gardeners needs.
8x6 greenhouse
All Gardman greenhouses feature a green steel base plinth, a green aluminium frame and 4mm twin wall polycarbonate glazing. The product is shipped in 3 boxes and therefore is “flat packed” for home erection and arrives with full instructions. These greenhouses are very easy to put up and this can generally be acheived in about 4 hours with 2 responsible adults on the job !
The paint finish on these greenhouses really is as good as those that you’ll find on greenhouses twice the price. The green finish not only ensures that your greenhouse lasts for many years it also makes it blend seamlessly into your garden, lovely !

Gardman Greenhouse Deals at

Standard Specification:

    •  Green Enamel coated steel base and aluminium frame
    • 4mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate
    • Sliding Door
    • Opening Roof Vent (8×6, 6×6 and Lean to only)

The Gardman 8×6 Greenhouse can be had for under £300 in the UK and it represents amazing value for money with it’s 4sq metre growing area, opening roof vent and green finish. Not only is it well specified, like all Gardman Greenhouses there are a wealth of accessories available to compliment the greenhouse such as louvre vents, automatic roof vents, staging, shelving and rainwater kits.

Of course Gardman offers it’s excellent greenhouses in a number of sizes, those being:

    • Gardman Lean to 4ft x 6ft (1310mm x 1930mm)
    • Gardman 6ft x 4ft (1930mm x 1310mm)
    • Gardman 6ft x 6ft (1930mm x 1930mm)
    • Gardman 6ft x 8ft (1930mm x 2570mm)

Elite Streamline Greenhouse

The Elite Streamline Greenhouse is 5ft wide making it an ideal size for fitting in to tight spaces in your garden or allotment.
The greenhouse comes with a built in base with a low threshold doorway meaning no more tripping over your greenhouse base whilst carrying trays of plants etc !
As small greenhouses go the Elite Streamline Greenhouse is extremely well specified with one roof vent as standard and full length toughened glass should you require it.
The greenhouse is available in six different colour finishes and three glazing options including polycarbonate glazing. Greenhouse staging from Elite is also available in 6 colour options and various lengths.

Elite Streamline Greenhouse DEALS at

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Swallow Finch Lean to Greenhouse

Swallow Finch Lean to Greenhouse

The Swallow Finch lean to greenhouse is a the new 4ft wide greenhouse from Swallow Greenhouses. Do you have just enough room at the side of your house or garage for a greenhouse ? You may have more than enough room without realising !
This new wooden greenhouse from Swallow GB Ltd might just be the answer. The new Swallow Finch Lean to is only 4ft 6” wide (out from the wall) meaning that it can be shoe horned into the tightest of available space and will provide a really beautiful environment for growing plants and vegetables year round.
Swallow greenhouses are handmade here in the UK by true craftsmen with love and care along with attention to detail that is so lacking in many wooden greenhouses for sale ! Swallow Greenhouses are built from redwood pine timber and include a length of timber staging, toughened glass, Bayliss autovents and lockable doors as standard.
The huge added bonus of choosing a Swallow Greenhouse is that full installation of the greenhouse in your garden is included in the price ! This takes any hassle out of the process. Simply order your Swallow Greenhouse and then wait for it to be delivered within 4 weeks and erected before your very eyes ! Simples !

Swallow Finch 4ft Wide Lean-to

Here is a photo of a freshly fitted 4ft x 8ft Swallow Finch lean-to sitting against the side of a bungalow. In this photo you can clearly make out the black PVC Damp Barrier going around the foot of the greenhouse that prevents the timber from becoming damp, making your new greenhouse last a lifetime !

Swallow Finch 6x4 Lean To Greenhouse

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The Swallow Finch lean-to benefits from some great standard features such as this full length slatted staging for storage and potting up. In the photo below you can also see the optional high level shelf.

swallow greenhouse slatted staging

You also get automatic roof vents as standard. Swallow use the excellent and industry leading Bayliss XL autovent to help you ventilate your greenhouse in hot weather as seen below.

swallow greenhouse bayliss autovents

Perhaps the best feature of Swallow greenhouses is the inward opening doors with stainless steel handles and mortise locks for added security:

swallow greenhouse inward opening door

The Swallow Finch lean to greenhouse is available in the following sizes: 4ft x 6ft, 4ft x 8ft, 4ft x 10ft and 4ft x 12ft

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Swallow Dove Lean to Greenhouse

Swallow Dove Lean to Greenhouse

This new Dove Lean to  wooden greenhouse from Swallow GB Ltd might is the ultimate 6ft wide lean to om the market today. The new Swallow Dove Lean to greenhouse is only 6ft 4” wide (out from the wall)  and offers a really practical and stylish solution to your growing. Your tomatoes will be happier than ever !
Swallow greenhouses are handmade here in the UK by true craftsmen with the  expertise and attention to detail that is so lacking in many wooden greenhouses available from most “garden building” companies today.  Swallow Greenhouses are built from redwood pine timber and include a length of timber staging, toughened glass, Bayliss autovents and lockable doors as standard.
The huge added bonus of choosing a Swallow Greenhouse is that full installation of the greenhouse in your garden is included in the price ! This takes any hassle out of the process. Simply order yourSwallow Greenhouse and then wait for it to be delivered within 4 weeks and erected before your very eyes ! As easy as 1 – 2 -3 !

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Swallow Dove Lean to 6x8 Greenhouse

Swallow Dove 8×6 Lean to Greenhouse

Swallow Greenhouses have great standard specifications so there’s no need to add options to them, they’re ready to go straight away complete with staging and autovents. Here’s the standard Swallow specifications:

  • The redwood pine glazing bars are 58mm x 32mm finished size
  • All boards are 12mm finish tongued and grooved and fixed with stainless steel nails
  • All the timber is green tint tanalised pressure treated
  • The inward opening door has a mortise lock and aluminium handles
  • Glazing is toughened safety glass
  • All the glazing is slid into a groove and sealed with quality silicone
  • All the cut shapes are jointed with a clear plastic H section
  • Each roof vent has an Automatic opener
  • Full length staging down one side with centre support (width 520mm, height 745mm)
  • There is a specially turned apex finial for that classic look
  • The ridge and top vents are sealed with a specially machined timber capping
  • A 20mm black PVC section is screwed to the bottom, called the damp barrier

Swallow Dove Lean to with Custom Paint Finish

If you want a nice new Swallow Dove Lean to but don’t fancy a standard wood finish Swallow offer some beautiful factory paint finishes. Swallow have a brand new paint spraying facility to apply a high quality even paint finish to their greenhouses that produces beautiful results:

Swallow Dove Lean to in White

Swallow Dove Lean to 6×12 in Lily White

If you don’t fancy white what about this:

swallow dove 6x20 lean to greenhouse with custom paint

Swallow Dove Lean to 6×20 with Grey custom paint finish.

Swallow Dove Lean to Greenhouse with FREE INSTALLATION

The Swallow Dove lean-to has installation included in the price. So once you’ve ordered your new Swallow Dove lean to Greenhouse  just wait 3 to 4 weeks and before you know it it’ll be standing in your garden ready to commence growing !

swallow dove lean to greenhouse 6ft x 12ft

Swallow Dove Lean to Greenhouse 6ft x 12ft

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Kingfisher Greenhouses

Kingfisher Greenhouses are new to the UK in 2012. The Kingfisher Greenhouses range will appeal to the buyer looking for a cheap greenhouse for the garden or allotment.
Standard features include 4mm twin wall polycarbonate, single sliding doors, one opening roof vent and integral guttering.
The Kingfisher range features 3 freestanding greenhouses in sizes 6×4, 6×6 and 6×8 and a lean to greenhouse in 4ft x 2ft. All greenhouses are in silver aluminium except the 6×8 which has a green powder coated finish.

Kingfisher 6×6 Greenhouse Silver
There is 1 tier and 2 tier staging available for all freestanding greenhouse models which runs the entire length of the greenhouse. This is unique to Kinjgfisher Greenhouses as most greenhouse staging only comes in lengths of around 4ft only.
Kingfisher Greenhouse Staging
The Kingfisher Lean to Greenhouse at 4ft x 2ft is ideally sized to fit into any garden, yard or even on your apartment balcony and features everything you’d expect on a larger greenhouse such as a sliding door, roof vent and super insulating 4mm twin wall glazing.

Kingfisher Lean-To Greenhouse Silver

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