New Palram Coldframes

Palram Cold Frames

We are at the time of year where we are all considering what to do with our less hardy plants given that the weather is fast becoming, well COLD !
We wouldn’t dream of spending any time in the garden without wrapping up warm so let’s think about our plants !

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If you don’t have a greenhouse or conservatory or even a warm garage in which to store your plants over winter it may be time to consider a coldframe instead.
Palram have just launched 3 new Palram Cold Frames for gardeners to consider. The great thing about these coldframes is that they are raised up off the floor making access easier and putting less strain on our old backs ! Another key feature is that these coldframe models offer additional storage that you wouldn’t normally find on any other cold frame in the market. The Palram Coldframes feature either single sheet clear polycarbonate glazing or twin wall polycarbonate glazing.
I’ve pictured the coldframes below and we’ll do a more in depth review of each model over the coming weeks.

Palram Plant Inn Raised Coldframe

Palram Grow Station Mini Greenhouse

Palram Grow Deck Raised Cold Frame

Mini Greenhouses

What do you do if you’re limited on space in your garden, yard or allotment yet you still want to be able to raise plants and keep them sheltered adverse weather and pests ?
The answer may lie in one of the many mini greenhouse solutions that are on the market. Whether you are looking for something to fit in a small corner of your allotment or back yard or a mini greenhouse to fit under a window or next to your shed or on your balcony, there will be a mini greenhouse for you.
The smallest true freestanding mini greenhouse available today is the Elite Compact greenhouses  in 4ft x 4ft. This greenhouse is ideal to fit into any cramped corner of your garden, yard or allotment. It features sliding doors, one roof opener and a low threshold base for safety and ease of access. The Elite Compact also features an eave height of 5ft2” giving a surprisingly spacious gardening experience.This greenhouse is ideal for the beginner or modern styled garden where space is at a premium.
Elite COMPACT 4×4 Greenhouse

Another option worth considering is the Gardman Growhouse and Coldframe range. All products in this range are constructed from pre-treated wood and feature 4mm Twin Wall polycarbonate glazing for superb insulation.
The Gardman Wooden Growhouse comes in two sizes, both feature opening front double door and roof. The Gardman extra large wooden growhouse features 3 shelves rather than 2 in the regular model as well as being 1.2m wide rather than .75m. Both feature all round 4mm twin wall polycarbonate aprt from the floor which is open. These growhouses are excellent for bringing on seedlings and raising plants of all kinds as well as serving as handy winter shelter for less hardy plants.

The Gardman Wooden Coldframe range is of solid timber construction and again features 4mm twin wall polycarbonate for superb insulation and light transmission.  There are three sizes, one of them being a raised wooden coldframe which is 1.05m high to save those of us with bad backs !
Another option are the Gardman Growhouses with reinforced PE covers. These growhouses are available with 3, 4 and 5 Tiers and there is also a growbag variant for shielding your tomatoes from the elements as well as a couple of walk-in growhouses if you have a little more space. All growhouses feature front zip access flaps. These growhouses are constructed from reinforced PE and can be easily taken down and moved or stored in the winter.
For the grow your own enthusiast the choice is excellent with many different solutions on offer quite cheaply.