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Lean to greenhouses offer the solution to some gardener’s space saving and best utilization of space requirements. Because a lean to can be attached to a wall, shed, outbuilding or your house they offer a very practical way of making the most of the space that you have available. The advantage of a lean to of course is that they aren’t merely limited to providing just a warm and protected environment for plants and vegetables but also providing exactly the same for the gardener, you ! Nothing beats relaxing in the warmth of the greenhouse, maybe listening to the radio and enjoying a coffee whilst tending your plants.

Lean to greenhouses are available in wood and aluminium with aluminium being the more popular mainly due to price and the fact that they require little or no maintenance. Wooden lean to greenhouses however offer a very classy traditional look that blends beautifully into any garden.
Lean to greenhouses come in many sizes from 2ft wide through to 8ft wide and lengths up to and sometimes over 40ft !

The smallest lean to greenhouses are generally sized 4×2, that being 2ft out from your wall and 4ft across the doors. 4×2 lean to’s are produced by Palram, Vitavia, Elite and Halls in various colours and door types.


The next size up is the 4ft wide lean to greenhouse produced by Elite in two model configurations. The Windsor is 4ft wide and features a low ridge for positioning the greenhouse against garages or single storey bungalows where height is minimal. Elite also produce the Elite Kensington 4 which offers a higher ridge. Swallow Greenhouses are made from redwood pine and are the finest wooden lean to greenhouses available. Made by craftsmen in the UK by hand these wooden greenhouses include installation at your property as part of the price meaning a stress free process from start to finish.


6ft wide lean to greenhouses tend to be rather popular and all of the big brands produce a range of models in this size. See below the Halls Silverline lean to and a wooden Swallow Dove 6ft wide lean to.

Halls Silverline Green 6x8 Lean to Greenhousestores

8ft wide lean to’s are produced by Swallow Greenhouses in their Heron model and also by Elite with their Kensington 8 model. Here’s the massive Swallow Heron 8ft wide lean-to:


See a full range here: Lean to Greenhouses

Lean to Greenhouses

Lean to Greenhouses

Lean to greenhouses are a great way to fit a greenhouse into a tight space against a house or garage or even on a balcony if you live in an apartment. Lean to greenhouses are also used as sunrooms and can simply become additional living space when attached to the house. A very warm and sunny bit of living space for you as well as your plants !

Vitavia Ida Lean-To Greenhouse 3300 Green 8×4

From the smallest 4×2 lean to greenhouses which can fit on your balcony or squeeze into the corner of most gardens or yards, all can be used to enjoy the “grow your own” experience. Whether you’re into flowers or veg even a mini lean to greenhouse can allow you to maximize your growing seasons. Whether you have a tiny balcony or a large patio area, there will be a lean-to to suit your needs.

greenhouse stores

Small Lean to Greenhouses

Even if space is tight there are some cracking little lean to greenhouses out there to get you growing. One of our favorites is the Vitavia  Ida 900 small lean to in 2ft x 4ft size. This little lean-to comes in silver or a nice deep green colour. You get a single sliding door and an opening roof vent to keep the greenhouse cool in hot weather and a choice of standard greenhouse glass or toughened safety glass glazing. You can place the greenhouse on a timber frame base or better than that Vitavia offer a galvanized steel base tailor made for the Ida 900 which gives great rigidity and strength.

vitavia ida 900 lean to green greenhouse

Vitavia Ida 900 Lean to Greenhouse

Vitavia offer this lean to in 2ft x 6ft also. The Vitavia 1300 lean to greenhouse gives a bit more width and almost doubles the growing space over the smaller Ida 900 as it has a central sliding door giving clearly defined growing space on either side.

Vitavia Ida 1300 lean to 2x6

Brand new for 2013 Vitavia have introduced some larger Ida Lean-to’s that are 6ft Wide (Deep) for those of us with a bit more space. These new Ida’s have double sliding doors at the front that can be separated into two single doors to place on either end of the greenhouse if that’s better for you. You get standard horticultural glass sides and a 4mm polycarbonate roof for safety and plant protection.  The new Ida lean to is available in 6×8, 6×10 and 6×12 and is shipping now at Greenhouse Stores.

vitavia Ida 5200 6x8 lean to greenhouse

Vitavia Ida 5200 Lean to Greenhouse 6×8

Halls Silverline Curved Eaves Lean to

This is a slightly unusual, but non the less attractive greenhouse from Halls. The eaves section at the front of the greenhouse is nicely curved. This is done by using clear acyrlic glazing rather than glass as it’s tough, flexible and UV resistant so it won’t discolour over time. The Silverline Lean-to is available as a 6×8, a 6×10 and a 6ft x 12ft model in silver or green powder coated finishes.
halls silverline lean to 6x8 greenhouse
Here’s a close-up of the curved eaves section on the greenhouse:
Halls Silverline Acrylic Curved Eaves

Large Lean-to Greenhouses

If you have the space then a larger lean to greenhouse can offer you the opportunity to have a nice warm extension to your house for growing your plants and can also be used as a place to relax, like a sun room or conservatory !

A great example of a modern large lean-to is the brand new Vitavia Helena Lean to Greenhouse. It’s 9ft wide and is built from thick section aluminium for superb strength. It features double sliding doors that can be positioned on the front width of the greenhouse or at either end, whichever suits you best. Glazing is 4mm float glass and the roof is made from 10mm thick twin wall polycarbonate for safety and plant protection. The Helena is available in 9 x 11, 9 x  13 and 9 x 15 sizes.

Vitavia Helena 8600 9ft x 13ft Lean to Greenhouse

vitavia helena lean to greenhouse

Vitavia Helena 8600 lean to

Greenhouse Safety Considerations

One important point to remember is that it’s generally accepted that if you are entering the lean-to from your house rather than from outside you should use toughened safety glass to ensure the very best safe conditions for your family when entering the greenhouse from the house.

Buying a Lean-to Greenhouse

Buying a lean to greenhouse is particularly straightforward today, given that you can choose the best model for you and buy a lean to greenhouse online from retailers like Greenhouse Stores who offer a huge range of lean to greenhouses with free UK home delivery service.