Swallow Wooden Greenhouses

Swallow Wooden Greenhouses

Swallow Greenhouses are manufactured in the north of England near Rotherham by skilled craftsmen who love the products they make. There is no question that a wooden greenhouse has a certain natural charm that aluminium greenhouses simply don’t. They tend to merge into the garden beautifully and look great in traditional flower gardens or very modern minimalist gardens, quality and style always shines through.
I’ve personally owned a number of wooden greenhouses in the past and found the timber quality to wanting as well as the fit and finish being unsatisfactory and certainly not made with longevity in mind. Swallow greenhouses though, I find, are the exception. These greenhouses are built to last without a shadow of a doubt.
Swallow greenhouses are made from tanalised redwood pine that is specifically sourced for it’s weather resistant qualities and is perfect for the delightful British weather !

Swallow Kingfisher Greenhouse

This greenhouse is the Kingfisher. It’s a 6ft wide timber greenhouse and Swallow’s best selling greenhouse by a distance. This is purely down to the fact that 6ft wide is the most practical size for most gardens as it’s easy to fit in. The Kingfisher has a whole host of neat features, such as:

Toughened Safety Glass
Automatic roof vents
Slatted staging to one side
Inward opening door with a mortise lock
Tongue and groove bottom boards
20mm Damp Barrier at base

swallow kingfisher greenhouse

Swallow Kingfisher 6ft x 10ft Greenhouse

Swallow also produce an 8ft wide greenhouse called the Swallow Raven. It has double doors and all of the standard features you’ll find on Swallow green houses (as above) such as toughened safety glass and automatic roof vents. The beauty of an 8ft wide greenhouse is the extra space inside, it gives you much more “working space” and room for more plants in tubs, pots, raised beds or grow bags. See the space inside in the picture below:

swallow raven interior

Swallow Raven Greenhouse

The Raven Greenhouse model is one of my favourite greenhouses, it’s great to look at and very practical as well. I love the look of the greenhouse but the size is the best thing. I’d be wanting an 8ft x 12ft and they come in at £2400, but that price includes installation so it’s pretty good really.

swallow raven 8x12 greenhouse

Swallow Raven 8×16 Greenhouse

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Swallow Falcon Greenhouse

This is the largest Swallow timber model at 13ft wide. It’s great for those of us with big gardens and even garden centres and nurseries.
swallow falcon

Of course, with a greenhouse of this size your options are greatly expanded in terms of what you can grow. For instance in this case with a 13ft wide greenhouse you’d be able to grow down both sides as well as down the centre of the greenhouse. This greenhouse would actually be ideal for schools or educational use where you’d need to have a number of people inside with space to work and learn.

Swallow Lean to Greenhouses

Swallow produce 3 different lean to greenhouse models in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft widths (out from the wall) with all of the standard features you find on their freestanding greenhouse models.

Swallow Finch Lean to Greenhouse

The Finch is the little 4ft (out from the wall) wide lean to from Swallow:

swallow finch lean to greenhouse

Swallow Dove Lean to Greenhouse

swallow dove lean to greenhouse
As you can see the Swallow Dove Lean to above has a custom “Lily White” paint job. Swallow paint the greenhouses in their factory spray booth in order to give the best paint finish possible rather than hand paint their greenhouses. The Dove features full toughened safety glass, slatted staging and locking door.
swallow greenhouse door lock
You can specify little extras like a high level shelf or side vent for extra ventilation.
swallow slatted staging

Swallow Heron Lean to Greenhouse

The Swallow Heron Lean to is 8ft wide and the largest lean-to in the range:

swallow heron lean to greenhouse

Swallow T-Shaped Greenhouses

Swallow produce a lovely range of T-Shaped greenhouses that offer really practical growing space with a traditional greenhouse look. These award winning greenhouses are available from Greenhouse Stores.

Swallow Cygnet Greenhouse

The Cygnet greenhouse is Swallow’s 6ft wide T-Shaped greenhouse and a GLEE Award Winner in 2011. The Cygnet has a 2ft deep entrance porch and comes complete with guttering.

swallow cygnet greenhouse

Swallow Mallard Greenhouse

The Mallard Greenhouse is Swallow’s 8ft wide T-Shaped greenhouse with a 6ft wide porch entrance:

swallow mallard greenhouseGreenhouse above is built onto a “dwarf wall”. You must have a wall built prior to delivery. Wall plans available from greenhousestores.co.uk

Swallow Swan Greenhouse

The Swan Greenhouse is Swallow’s 8ft wide T-Shaped greenhouse with an 8ft wide porch entrance and double inward opening doors:

swallow swan greenhouseGreenhouse above is built onto a “dwarf wall”. You must have a wall built prior to delivery. Wall plans available from greenhousestores.co.uk

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Swallow Dove Lean to Greenhouse

Swallow Dove Lean to Greenhouse

This new Dove Lean to  wooden greenhouse from Swallow GB Ltd might is the ultimate 6ft wide lean to om the market today. The new Swallow Dove Lean to greenhouse is only 6ft 4” wide (out from the wall)  and offers a really practical and stylish solution to your growing. Your tomatoes will be happier than ever !
Swallow greenhouses are handmade here in the UK by true craftsmen with the  expertise and attention to detail that is so lacking in many wooden greenhouses available from most “garden building” companies today.  Swallow Greenhouses are built from redwood pine timber and include a length of timber staging, toughened glass, Bayliss autovents and lockable doors as standard.
The huge added bonus of choosing a Swallow Greenhouse is that full installation of the greenhouse in your garden is included in the price ! This takes any hassle out of the process. Simply order yourSwallow Greenhouse and then wait for it to be delivered within 4 weeks and erected before your very eyes ! As easy as 1 – 2 -3 !

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Swallow Dove Lean to 6x8 Greenhouse

Swallow Dove 8×6 Lean to Greenhouse

Swallow Greenhouses have great standard specifications so there’s no need to add options to them, they’re ready to go straight away complete with staging and autovents. Here’s the standard Swallow specifications:

  • The redwood pine glazing bars are 58mm x 32mm finished size
  • All boards are 12mm finish tongued and grooved and fixed with stainless steel nails
  • All the timber is green tint tanalised pressure treated
  • The inward opening door has a mortise lock and aluminium handles
  • Glazing is toughened safety glass
  • All the glazing is slid into a groove and sealed with quality silicone
  • All the cut shapes are jointed with a clear plastic H section
  • Each roof vent has an Automatic opener
  • Full length staging down one side with centre support (width 520mm, height 745mm)
  • There is a specially turned apex finial for that classic look
  • The ridge and top vents are sealed with a specially machined timber capping
  • A 20mm black PVC section is screwed to the bottom, called the damp barrier

Swallow Dove Lean to with Custom Paint Finish

If you want a nice new Swallow Dove Lean to but don’t fancy a standard wood finish Swallow offer some beautiful factory paint finishes. Swallow have a brand new paint spraying facility to apply a high quality even paint finish to their greenhouses that produces beautiful results:

Swallow Dove Lean to in White

Swallow Dove Lean to 6×12 in Lily White

If you don’t fancy white what about this:

swallow dove 6x20 lean to greenhouse with custom paint

Swallow Dove Lean to 6×20 with Grey custom paint finish.

Swallow Dove Lean to Greenhouse with FREE INSTALLATION

The Swallow Dove lean-to has installation included in the price. So once you’ve ordered your new Swallow Dove lean to Greenhouse  just wait 3 to 4 weeks and before you know it it’ll be standing in your garden ready to commence growing !

swallow dove lean to greenhouse 6ft x 12ft

Swallow Dove Lean to Greenhouse 6ft x 12ft

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Swallow Wooden Greenhouses

Swallow Wooden Greenhouses are bucking the trend for aluminium greenhouses and taking the greenhouse back to it’s roots where British craftsmanship and a passion for handmade timber buildings is at the core of their philosophy.

Swallow Greenhouse 8×6
If you want a beautiful timber greenhouse that is hand made in England and then delivered to your door and erected for you by the same skilled hands that made it then look no further than Swallow Greenhouses.
All prices for Swallow Greenhouses include delivery and erection of the greenhouse in your garden.
For further information call UK Greenhouse Sales on 0800 032 0643.